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Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Document Services

Smart Choices Health provides the documents required to offer employees a QSEHRA complete with notification letters and privacy disclosures. The document is a basic service to implement your new plan. It takes an hour to complete the questionnaire and consult with the advisor. After the fees are paid, documents are sent electronically. This is a one-time annual fee unless you make changes to your plan documents. Consulting services are included with your one-time fee.

The Smart Employer QSEHRA Customized

A complete kit with all that is needed to offer employees a health reimbursement arrangement. The QSEHRA Kit is completely customized with your company logo and branding. The kit contains documents required to offer employees a tax-free reimbursement of qualified health expenses. Additional services are offered below to help validate the reimbursements and offer employees resources to answer their questions on how best to use their healthcare dollars.

Reimbursement Validation and Employee Advocacy

The Smart HRA offers you the employer comprehensive QSEHRA reimbursement services and employee advocacy to help save money and give you peace of mind.

Do you have 10 to 49 Full-Time Employees?
If yes, the Smart HRA could be for you!

Employee reimbursement validation services and advocacy services are provided to groups larger than 10 employees but smaller than 50 with the QSEHRA. Other HRA options are available that meet ACA requirements if larger than 50 employees.

Employees purchase coverage and then upload their receipts to a secure portal. SCH will validate the expense and notify the employer via a secure email monthly that the expense is reimbursable. Employees have assistance to purchase qualified health plans in the market through knowledgeable benefit advisors.

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*Monthly Cost – services are billed annually

QSEHRA Services

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