Discover the new, affodable ways to offer employee health benefits!

Set a budget and reimburse tax-free for idividual plans and medical expenses using either a NEW ICHRA for 2021 or the existing QSEHRA


QSEHRA Services

Everything you need for tax-free reimbursement (QSEHRA):

  • Legal Plan Documents
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Receipt Tracking
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Tax Reporting



Everything in QSEHRA plus some major upgrades for employees:

  • A Dedicated “Virtual Health Pro”
  • Review and Resolve Medical Bills
  • Coordinate Care & Medical Records
  • Answer Health Plan Questions

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Everything you need to offer ICHRA to 2 employees or more. ACA plans available to comply with the large employer mandate…ie over 50 employees.

Employee Classes:

The ICHRA classes are as follows:


  • Salaried employees
  • Hourly employees
  • Seasonal employees
  • Employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement
  • Employees in a waiting period
  • Foreign employees who work abroad
  • Employees working in the same geographic location (same insurance rating area, state, or multi-state region)
  • Salaried Worker
  • Non-Salaried workers (such as hourly workers)
  • Temporary employees of staffing firms
  • A combination of two or more of the above



Businesses that offer an employer-sponsored group health plan to workers now have another way to save money while designing a health benefits package with more choices for employees – the Excepted Benefit HRA.

The new EBHRA is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement designed to pay premiums and related expenses for eligible excepted benefits.

And, while an employer is required to offer a traditional group health plan, an employee can participate in the EBHRA even if they decline to participate in the employer’s group health plan. That’s going to open up a lot of premium savings for workers who are eligible for coverage under a spouse’s or parent’s health insurance.


They can reimburse premiums for:
  • COBRA or other continuation coverage
  • Short-term, limited-duration coverage (unless prohibited for small employers in a state under a special rule) ƒ
  • Excepted benefits, such as dental and vision.
EBHRA requires claims submission and expense substantiation.  These are services provided by Smart Choices Health.