When you select Smart Choices Health, you get far more than just another broker or consultant. We will be your partner and advocate throughout the plan year. All your employees will have access to a Smart Choices Health Benefits Advisor to answer their questions or concerns regarding their health plans and how best to use healthcare.  


We are not your typical broker or insurance agency. Our approach to finding the right health plan is unique. Benefits can be complicated, and one size does not fit all.

Our goal is to craft the perfect benefits portfolio for your employees that ensures they see the value in what you are offering to them. We strive to ensure employees understand the healthcare options so they can make positive changes in their lives to be happier and healthier in the workplace.

Your business is more productive and profitable when employees are not stressed over healthcare. Our advocacy services ensure employees have resources to get answers to their questions when they need them.

Our mission is to become a strategic partner working with our clients where we can make a difference through providing healthcare solutions not just quotes. Our vision is to put a priority on health and wellbeing where our clients become employers of choice.

Making the numbers work for your bottom line is just one of our claims to fame. The other is having employees say “Thank You” to you, for providing great benefits!

Barbara Saxton

Barbara Saxton

CEO and Founder


Certified Worksite Wellness Consultant, Licensed Insurance Broker, Health Plan strategist and CEO of Smart Choices HealthIn my spare time I serve as chair of the Healthy Lee Access to Healthcare Committee and Co Host the Blog, Plant Slant Journey, where I am working to inspire others to make healthier choices.
Doug Saxton

Doug Saxton

Claims Administrator


As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I like researching different foods and how it can improve both our personal health and sustainability of our planet. My journey to wellness began years ago, when I was inspired by several documentaries and subsequently, started the blog called Plant Slant Journey.

Horacio Cabral

Horacio Cabral

Bilingual Enrollment Specialist


I moved from Portugal many years ago with my family and made Connecticut my home.  Today I continue to travel back to Portugal to visit and embrace the culture.  My ability to speak the language helps me to connect with employees where I can help them make good decisions about healthcare.  My passion is to help others by providing education on the various product and programs that we at Smart Choices offer.

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Sherry Hall

Sherry Hall

Voluntary Benefits Advisor


As a Certified Worksite Voluntary Benefits Advisor with the esteemed Smart Choices Health and a Licensed Insurance Agent, I’m here to assist you with benefit options to round out your healthcare plan giving you maximum coverage as your budget will allow.

Rachel Blackin

Rachel Blackin

Benefits Administrator


As a Benefits Administrator with Smart Choices Health, I am here to assist in any way possible! I have a passion for helping and guiding others with their health insurance needs. In my free time, I love to bake gluten-free treats!